BIM in Canada: Moving toward a national mandate for building information modelling

The Canadian architecture, engineering, construction, owner, and operator (AECOO) community is ripe for change. Building information modelling (BIM) provides a framework to prompt and guide this transformation. Many countries around the globe have put forth BIM mandates to support the collaborative process’ deployment—the goal is to improve the performance and value generated by their respective design, construction, and asset management sectors.

Canada’s public bodies are notably lagging behind in this regard. buildingSMART Canada has issued a call to action, in the form of its “Roadmap to Lifecycle BIM in the Canadian AECOO Community,” which sets the foundation and provides a way forward for governmental mandates at all levels in this country.

BIM is the process of collaboratively developing and managing an integrated digital model containing a built asset’s geometry and life cycle information. The model acts as a ‘single source of truth,’ and supports the many practices involved in the design, construction, operation, and management of a built asset.

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