The aceBIM board is comprised of 14 Directors who meet monthly to set the strategic direction of the Centre. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, who are elected by the board. The executive Committee is responsible for implementing the strategic direction of the Board and for overseeing the operational aspects of aceBIM. Committee Chairs set the terms of reference with their committee and report to the Board to ensure their activities are coordinated to further the strategic goals of aceBIM.


Dan Doherty, Chair - Clark Builders

Rohit Handa, Vice Chair - Consulting Architects of Alberta

Peter Heil, Treasurer - Challenger Geomatics Ltd.

Rafael Lucero, Board Member - Alberta Infrastructure

Jade Neher, Board Member - BIRD

Kelly Slepicka, Board Member - Shek Interiors

Sonny Shem, Board Member - PCL Constructors Inc.

Mona Afifi, Board Member - University of Alberta

Joshua Taron, Board Member - University of Calgary